West Coast

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Una Pizza Neapolitana: Neapolitan Deep Dish

Tucked between an eclectic assortment of appliance stores and nightclubs lies a stark warehouse with a wood-fired oven, seven small dining tables, and Anthony Mangieri. Una is known in San Francisco for having authentic, no-frills, these-are-the-pies-I'm-making-today-because-I-said-so Neapolitan pizza. I decided to swing by and see for myself. The first thing »

Rosso: One Word: Garlic

Well, nothing like giving away the ending in the title, but the flavor was so remarkable, that I couldn't help myself. So now you know. Rosso brands itself as a "pizza and mozzarella bar", and although I didn't find mozzarella shots on their menu, the prospect sounded intriguing »