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Una Pizza Neapolitana: Neapolitan Deep Dish

Tucked between an eclectic assortment of appliance stores and nightclubs lies a stark warehouse with a wood-fired oven, seven small dining tables, and Anthony Mangieri. Una is known in San Francisco for having authentic, no-frills, these-are-the-pies-I'm-making-today-because-I-said-so Neapolitan pizza. I decided to swing by and see for myself. The first thing »

Juliana's: Grimaldi's, Round Two

For those who missed the memo in the 1990s, the famous "Grimaldi's Under the Brooklyn Bridge" was sold off to Frank Ciolli in 1998. Grimaldi's was considered to be one of the best pies in New York City, but since the ownership change, the unreasonably long lines and »

Rosso: One Word: Garlic

Well, nothing like giving away the ending in the title, but the flavor was so remarkable, that I couldn't help myself. So now you know. Rosso brands itself as a "pizza and mozzarella bar", and although I didn't find mozzarella shots on their menu, the prospect sounded intriguing »

'A Storia: A Story Worth Telling

Along a rather main street in southeastern Milan, tucked amongst trees, bikes, and liquor stores, lies the rather upscale 'A Storia. A pizzeria at heart but with a sufficient enough price tag to offer Italian-inspired dishes for the entire budget, the white tablecloths make you wonder whether or not the »

Motorino: Hong Kong's Hat in the Ring

Most people wouldn't travel to China to find delicious pizza, and after you've tried its most formidable entry into the contest, the aversion is understandable. But before giving away the ending, first the beginning. Looking for the best pizza I could find in Hong Kong, I discovrered none other than »

Di Fara: The Gold Standard in Pizza

It was a hot, muggy Tuesday in June, and I had just finished up a pie at Grimaldi's under the bridge (before the split into Juliana's). This was the third pie today, and I had just one left this afternoon to complete my list: a nondescript hole-in-the-wall off of Avenue »

The Process

pizza, n. A delicious, round piece of dough that comes in square boxes for some strange reason.[1] The fact that Taco Bell offers a menu option with “pizza” in the name is a testament to pizza’s incredible diversity. In fact, that most pizza is even called by a »

Pizza: An Introduction

Pizza is like sex. Even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. The author of that famous adage must have had a low bar for both, because I can count on at least two hands the number of times abstinence would have reigned supreme to a soggy, cold, »